Close up of a woman with red curly hair, and dark pink lipstick.

For over a decade, I've been living my best life programming applications and building stories.

Frontend Developer

My love of programming started with learning FrontEnd development. I've since built sites for major national brands. Created membership databases, basic retail sites, and beyond. Personally, I've been digging into React and using it with the MetAPI to explore alternate ways of viewing the collection online. Checkout my code walkthrough below to see The Peony Art Experience and the theMetAPI in action.

My favorite Frontend Technologies

Lit. During my tenure at Phase2, I immersed myself in the world of web components using Lit, a TypeScript-based framework comparable to React, which I found particularly compelling for enhancing web aesthetics. Our work involved crafting elegant and reusable UI elements, contributing to visually appealing and functional user experiences for internationally recognized enterprise clients. Utilizing Storybook as our platform, we housed Lit web components and design systems, allowing us to efficiently develop and showcase our creations. This experience not only honed my skills in web development but also provided valuable insights into creating scalable and maintainable design systems for large-scale projects.

img of the frontpage of the Lit website.

React/NextJS. When it comes to my personal projects, React via Next.js has become my go-to framework. Currently, I'm immersed in the development of Neurospicy Chores, a project aimed at enhancing productivity, particularly for neurodiverse individuals. Leveraging the power of React and integrating OpenAI and Firebase technologies, I'm crafting a user-friendly interface and robust functionality to simplify chore management. Next.js provides the perfect ecosystem for this endeavor, offering server-side rendering, routing, and other features that facilitate rapid development and seamless user experiences. Through this project, I'm not only expanding my skills in React development but also exploring innovative ways to tackle real-world challenges through technology. In the meantime, you can explore my past personal project code like the Peony Art Experience, the User Dashboard, and more recently this site to get a sense of how I work with React and build engaging user interfaces.

img of the frontpage of the NextJS website.

My favorite Site Examples

Upenn CURF. For any site with a heavy CMS and many departments on going maintenance and front end fixes are a constant need. Working for Alephx, I helped with site fixes and front end development support. I love doing a blend of support and redesign work to keep my skills fresh.

Site example a blue and white university site.

Hunter Boots. In a white label collaboration. I managed the tech team, and built the front end. This site has stood the test of time. And I'm proud that my work still lives selling my favorite boots.

Site example a white and red retail clothing site.

Xepi. Working with Isite, I built the front end of the Xepi site for launch. Making it accessible to the non-developer parts of the team for easy content updates.

Site example a purple and white pharmaceutical site.