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- ES6 - React - Sass - HTML/CSS - Node.JS - Javascript - Rails - Middleman - Various CMS' - MySql - Ruby



11yrs of Development Experience I started coding way back in 2007, and have gone through a myriad of tools and techniques since. This has given me a good intuition on what is worth pursuing, and where there might be pitfalls.

Development is a team effort Knowing where to bring in my skills on a project, and how best to support people in our shared goals.

Presentations & Public speaking are second nature Being a Communications major has its perks. I'm comfortable presenting high concepts in a friendly way, to any size crowd.

Team Efforts



Joined Alephx to help with their support clients and a large non-profit's site launch. I contributed as Frontend Developer and part-time Project Manager.


Joined a small team of project manager, account manager, and backend developer. Helped them reach a hard deadline with the Xepi site.


Complemented a small team with an account manager and frontend developer. I did Frontend development and also Technical Project Management



Front End Programmer Shomeya/SarahP.Studio 2008 - Ongoing Portland, Oregon/Philadelphia Boutique web development agency I ran from the ground up. I was the Lead Front End Programmer the entire time. - Transitioned from to React as my main programming tool. - Juggled clients, devs, and the Open Source community's needs, while still writing my own quality code. - Kept a small team of developers working in sync to build enterprise level sites, such as Hunter Boots US. - Focused on logical interfaces and sustainable code. - Trained and educated other developers on how to create code that lasts. - My "The Client Calls at Midnight" presentation still gets mentions years later - Wrote two visual guides on how to adapt Bootstrap into Drupal themes.



Acid Love Music Video Visualist/Video producer Sarah P & Music @pamsaur (twitter) 2018 - Ongoing Livecoding is using code to produce a live art experience. CatFans is a chill band that performs for everything from Tech Conferences to Synth Experiences. It's such an amazing experience to code for all to see, and make art in the same moment.




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Open Source Contributor 2008 - 2016 As part of Drupal's growth from a small community to several thousand. Community challenges always accompany growth, and I helped develop strategies to encourage mentorship and inclusivity. I also contributed to's frontend code base.



B.A. in Communications and Theater/Film Indiana Wesleyan University 08/2000 - 12/2003